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MEDIUM (1/2"-5/8") Live Dubia Roaches

MEDIUM (1/2"-5/8") Live Dubia Roaches

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Color: brown


  • LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE (Shipping requirements in Product Description)
  • Fed on an All Organic and Nutritional Diet "Insecta Evo Roach Dry Meal" **Sample Included with purchase**
  • Great for Keepers, Feeders, or Breeders

Details: Introducing our premium product: Medium Dubia Cockroaches! These Dubias are raised on an all-organic and highly nutritious diet, ensuring optimal health for both the roaches and the pets that you feed them to. With sizes ranging from 1/2"-5/8", our Dubias are the perfect size for your pets. But that's not all! We go the extra mile to ensure you get the best value for your money. We add 10% extra Dubias in each order, calculated by weight, so you never receive less than the full count. Plus, we include a sample of our InsectaEvo Nutritional Dubia Dry-Meal food, which we use to raise our Dubias, with every order. We also take care of shipping logistics for you. We will hold your order at your local shipping facility if temperatures fall below 32F or rise above 92F at the time of shipment, to guarantee live arrival. You will be notified when your order is shipped and the location of the shipping facility for your convenience. And that's not all! By purchasing from us, you are also contributing to important conservation efforts. A percentage of our profits go towards supporting the bee conservancy ( and the Amazon Conservation Association (, so you can feel good about your purchase. Order now and provide your pets with the highest quality Dubia Cockroaches from Insecta Evo! Remember, if you encounter any issues, please notify us within 24 hours of delivery with a short video of the deceased for our DOA policy. At Insecta Evo, we value our customers and their satisfaction is our top priority. We are committed to working with you in case of any unexpected occurrences. Please note that we do not ship to Florida, Hawaii, and Alaska at this time.

Model: Medium

Item Condition: New

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tricia A Utzman

Love this company! Always arrives fast and lots of healthy dubia roaches

This Company is AMAZING!

Our Dubias arrived so quickly and they were all alive. I would highly recommend them for your bug needs.

Holly Silva

I have ordered from other Dubia Roach sellers in the past & none of them compare to InsectaEvo roaches. These are the best!!!! These are the only roaches that have arrived alive & stayed alive for weeks. They are packaged with care & they come with care instructions & even a cute sticker! The medium sized ones are big & juicy & perfect for my six-month-old beardie. She loves them. I highly recommend ordering you Dubia Roaches from this company. They’re seriously the best. Oh, & the customer service is seriously fantastic! After a few orders through them, they emailed me just to check in & say hi! I thought that was really awesome of them.

Tammy Morrissey
Great customer service!

Great customer service, friendly, and not a dead roach in any bunches!! My beardie loves them! Thank you